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Why problems are important in your life?


We often afraid of small problems, but these problems are very important for success. You'll find problems in step of your life. To survive in life you have to learn to deal with them. You can't achieve your dreams without any problems. As your strategy and hard work is important, problems also plays important role for your success. If you're not capable of dealing with problems, you can't achieve your goals at any cost. Problems may arise due to many reasons, and mostly it arises due to self mistakes, but most people won't accept their faults, and that's why they always fail in life. So, why problems are necessary in your life? I have the answer: don't leave this article in middle, go through the whole article. 


1. Makes you stronger and powerful


Problems became unpredictable most of the time. Most people loose their hope, and thinks to give up their. But, they forget one thing that, problems are part of your learning, it develops your power and strength. If a person who is always fight with his problems, is always the strongest person.

You may have seen some people who don't react to the biggest problems, because to what you think is a big problem is normal situation for them. It's not because they are special but, they have already faced ups and downs in their life. 

Do you have heard of vaccines?  If yes, then it's good. But, if not then let me tell you. I think you have given the dose of polio in your childhood. That polio is not an antidote, but it's an inactive virus which is given to the babies. Well our body has a unique capability, when some virus enters our body it starts creating antidote for the virus. Which protect our body from the same virus, if it enters to our body in future. again. That's why that polio dose is given so the body can develop an antidote to protect us from polio virus in future.

Similarly, when a person face a lot of ups and downs, his body and brain, develop strength, to handle that situation if it arise in future. You should never fear of neither failure and nor of problems. It meant for learning and developing strength in you. 

Without problem you can't develop strength, and you'll never be succeed in getting success. And why to fear of problems? They are not permanent, work on them and it will disappear soon. So, at next time when you'll face problems and the thought of giving up came to your mind, just think of the vaccines. you'll never again gonna think of giving up. Stay focused and keep working. Success will come to you. 


2. Changes the way of working


Problems are not really bad as much as you think. Every problem is meant for learning, if you'll understand it at an early stage, it'll be good for you and for your work too. Problems gives new directions. If you've failed a lot of time in doing a work, then it's clear order that you have to change the way of your working.

Well, actually you should never stick to a single plan, you can't predict the future, you should have an alternate plan for your dreams. The environment is dynamic i.e. it keeps on changing every single seconds. Innovation and new technologies are being developed every single second. And if you'll think that your plan is brilliant, then your failure is compulsory. You can just assume of what can happen in future? But you can't be sure. 

But you can reduce the future problems and  chances of failure.If you have already failed then just don't give up follow the following points to get started again:

  • Analyze your work from starting.
  • Make the lists of problems, you've faced.
  • Find out the best solution for them. 
  • Also, keep ready an alternative, in case if your new one doesn't work.

You shouldn't wait for the problems to change your way of working. You have to think of your own, or you can learn from others. Always engage yourself in doing something creative and never stop your experiments. Your experiments will give new direction and ideas to work effectively.  

From the word experiment i doesn't mean chemical experiments, instead to try new ways of working, if they're working or not.  If seems possibility of your experiments then don't hesitate to apply it.



3. Turns you into a leader


Becoming a leader is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, and decision making power, to handle all the problems. One is said to be a leader if he has dare to take all the risks of his own. You'll find no great leader you haven't failed. They have failed a lot of time, they have seen those situations which you and me can't imagine, and that's the reason they are the leaders. 

Your problems can turn you into a leader, if you want. Don't run away from the problems, they came to you because they know that only you can handle them. 

Leadership is the quality that can influence others to work according to your sayings. But, to gain such positions you have to burn yourself, you have to go through hardship. You're born to lead, not to follow. Must think about it.

 Take your problems as opportunity, remember opportunity knocks only ones in life, you have to identify it. And when it comes, grab it and never allow to go out of your hands. If you don't want to be the leader for others. then just be the leader of your life. Make yourself capable enough to take all the major decisions of your own. Don't limit and depend yourself on others. 

Your life is 100% yours. And only you can change it, no one is gonna do it for you. Always remember it and don't be lazy in improving your life, because it's yours, you're the leader of your life, then why to give control to someone else?



4.  Makes you a good decision maker

decision-making-imageProblems are good teacher, and can teach you a lot, if you want. Well yes, it's all depends on you. Either run away from them or learn from them. Problems makes you a better person than you were before. It enhance your thinking capabilities, and makes you a good decision maker. 

Your brain can store a large number of data, thus, you can think and store solutions of real life problems instead of wasting your precious time, in the work, which will not give you a single coin.

The world is emerging very fast, if you wanna survive in this world, you have to learn a lot of tips and tricks that could be used when necessary. Else anyone can fool you. Start searching for the problems, then onle you can find solutions. 

If you don't know what the problem is? then how could you expect to solve it.

I have seen people often take advice from others for small things, they're not capable of their own to make necessary decisions of their life. They have to depend on others, it simply means that you're giving control of your life to others. And they'll operate you according to their need.

For example: If a person wants to decorate his house, and instead of purchasing those things which are really necessary to decorate a house, he asks it from his neighbor. and let me tel you one thing, it's good to ask for help. But his neighbor gonna tell him the names of those items, which makes him (the neighbor) happy and not to the person asking for help. So, did you saw how he has given his control in his neighbor's hand. 

You should be aware of this, and always try to solve all your problems of your own. You know the main reason of problem, not your friends and neighbors. If you'll try your hands in solving the problems, you'll find not only one but more ways of solving it, which ultimately gives you the power to think more and turns you into a brave person who can take all necessary decision of his own. 



Don't afraid of problems, they are meant for learning, not to fear you. Nothing is permanent, so why to fear. You have to show the courage to be a great person. If you can't make the world a better place, at least make your life better.  Hustle now you're working to improve your own life, not of others. So why to be lazy and fearful.    

And i think doing something different and facing problems are better than watching T.V serial and chatting with your friends. Your success is important, but your failure teaches you a lot, then you can't think of. You need to change your vision for problems. Problems are your real friends, which is better than those friends who talks behind you. Your problems shows  the mirror of  you, and where you're. It indirectly says that you need some change in your life, you just can't stay satisfy with what you've.

I have already told that your vision is more important, i know being positive in every situation is very tough, but you have to do it. only then you can be a real hero of your life, you'll feel proud that you have made your life comfortable. 

Most of all you'll have a story that, you can tell it to your friends and realtive, that how you have faced bigger problems in life and won, and now you have a better and comfortable life. Think how much proud you'll feel at that time.

I'm happy to say that this the 50TH post. Thanks for your love and support.



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