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The story of a dishonest farmer


Once upon a time there was a farmer. He was dishonest and very lazy. Due to his laziness, his field was not having lump sum crops. One day he decided to steal small amount of crops from his neighbour's farms to sum up with his crops. And since the amount of crop  was very low, he thought that his neighbours will not came to know about it.
At night he went to the fields, he had taken his daughter with him. So, that if someone will came then she will warn him. When the farmer, was cutting the crops in the field,

His daughter said, "Father, someone is watching you".

The farmer stopped cutting the crops and looked around but no one was there. Now, he went in the next field, and started cutting the crops.

Again his daughter said, "Father, someone is watching you".


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The farmer stopped and looked around but no one was there. Now, he continued to cut the crops,

but again his daughter said, "Father, someone is watching you".

The farmer again stopped and looked around but he found no one. Now, he was very angry on his daughter and

Asked her. "No one is here, then why are saying that someone is watching me?".

His daughter replied, "Father, you're right no one is here, but someone is watching you from the sky".


Moral of the story

God is always watching you. He's not only watching you, but he also knows that what kind of thinking you have.  Always do the good work and support each other.


Words from the author

Don't leave without any comment. "AMEN".




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