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The missing toe of the king


In the city of Petra there ruled a king. He had a minister who was intelligent, royal and most of all he was an optimistic. He took everything easy. The king was fond of wild hunting. One day he went on hunting with his minister. The king found a deer for hunting, but he was too fast and ran away. The king was very tired. There were some coconut tree.

The king unmounted his horse and raised his sword towards the coconut and ordered to cut it down, but something bad happened, his sword slipped of his hand and cut his toe. He cried with pain.


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His minister came running and said, "It's wonderful".

The king got angry and said, "My toe has cut and you're saying it's wonderful".

The minister said, "Yes, my lord it's good".

The King was strong and powerful, thus, he picked up his minister and threw him in the nearby well. Then he went on the way back to his palace. He was going through a dense forest, and some of the tribal warriors saw him and they thought that the king will be a royal sacrifice for their God.

They imprisoned the king and took him with them to the priest. The priest check all the items before blessing it to the God. The priest observed the king and found that his toe was missing.


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He said, "We can't use you to sacrifice, because you are missing one toe. Our God will not accept you, he'll be angry on us and will destroy everything".

They liberated the king. The king was trembling and thought that his minister was right. He somehow managed to go back to the well. When he saw inside the well he found his minister who was whistling there. He put his hand inside the well and pulled his minister out of the well.

The king said, "I'm sorry, you were right". The king told the whole story to his minister and said, "Please forgive me for throwing you into the well".

Upon hearing this the minister said, "It was good for me that you threw me in the well".


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The king got confused and said, "I threw you into the well, what was good in that?".

The minister replied, "If you haven't threw me into the well those tribal may have sacrificed me instead of you". Hahaha....... They both laughed and went to the palace.


Moral of the story

Everything happens for a reason. We should believe that there will be something Good hidden in it which is not visible yet but will be uncovered soon. When you see positivity in everything you simply cover yourself with positive energy. Positivity is necessary for Accomplishment of goals.



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