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Be greedy in the work you are passionate about


Passion is what you love . Which makes you feel happy . You forget everything while doing it. You enjoy what you do. You'll get success, if you'll work for it. Great things are achieved by those who hustle. If you haven't achieved what you want, just keep working, you'll gain it in less time. 

You have to be a greedy person laugh in your work. It's important for you yes, it's not gonna benefit others, but to you. The work which is going to make you a fortune, the work which makes you feel happy, the work that will pay off, the work which is your life, the work you can't survive without.

If you really want to do something great in your life, leave your comfort zone right now. If you're working from your comfort zone, then you're never gonna achieve your goals. To do that you have to be passionate about it. 

Don't argue with people, let them think whatever they want, but remember that, you have to work in silence, maintain a schedule and follow it, day in and day out. 

List the tasks which are more important for you, successful people maintain to-do lists to keep themselves on track. You have to command your brain, where you want to go. Just stay focused on that work.

Think about your work, even if you're not working, if you're resting. It will give you more ideas enlightened to improve it, to make it better. If you have been stuck somewhere, in mean time, think about it. Make your soul to sink deeply in it while sleeping, it'll give you the correct answers of your problems. 

Your mind and soul and heart somehow, knows the solution, but you have to get them out of your body to take actions. It could only be done by introspection. 

Through introspection you can understand yourself better. You'll get the solution to all problems,  the problem are aroused because of you, and hence the solution will be inside you. 

Once you find the solution, start working on it. Always try to learn something new, don't just sit quietly. You have to be greedy in work, switch off your phone, go in silence and work. 

Your greediness will bound you to learn more, do more and achieve more. If your greediness died your progress will stop at that moment. You can achieve great things in your life, you have to follow your heart, use your skills.

Success needs a lot of hard work and sweat, you can't gain success immediately when you start. You have to do a lot of experiment, you to look for the scope of your work, don't just give any thing as a final decision. You'll learn a lot from your experiment. 

​​​​​​Experiments, trial and errors are part of learning, it will develop you into a warrior. 

Remember, Every master was a starter. You're very well aware that your today's hard work will pay off, so what to fear from failure, it'll teach to more than success. Your failure will bound you to try something new enlightenedand in future you'll win, because till then you'll have the solution of all the problems. 

Understand yourself and your powers, success will be yours. Don't take stairs you're not going on terrace, you have to go beyond sky, make the way to success yourself.


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